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Hampton Park Primary School

School Board

2017 School Board

Clint Hammond   

Phil Springett     

Teacher Representative
Ben Ker              

Teacher Representative
Angela Falco      

Teacher Representative
Kirsty Crayden   

Parent Reprensentative
Linda Lawrance  

Parent Reprensentative
Paul Shearer      

Parent Reprensentative
Xavier Teo          

Parent Reprensentative
Claudio Capozzi  

Parent Reprensentative
Lara Maas          

Community Represenative
Alan Radford      

Board Secretary
Lana Viska          

About the Board

The purpose of the School Board is to provide greater autonomy which enables schools to employ those people, resources and strategies that will make the greatest differences for our students.  In partnership with the Principal, they shape and monitor the school’s key objectives, priorities and general policy documents.

IPS school boards endorse the school’s Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA) which is signed by the Principal, school board Chair and Director General.  The board also endorse the annual school report, school budget and student performance targets.

The school board consists of the Principal, staff members, parent representatives and community representative.

The role of the parents is to bring student-centred perspectives.  School staff bring educational expertise and community members bring varied expertise and different perspectives.

Board response to Main Roads WA press release